My professional portfolio covers an impressive range of subject matter, medium, clientele, and visual style. It’s a challenge even trying to categorize my portfolio within a web site because some of the categories overlap, etc. Below I have arranged categories that are hopefully logical enough to show the depth of my portfolio.


While I was still in college I had dreams of working for Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks as an animator. Although the job offers never came after I submitted demo reels and portfolios, I have still worked in this amazing art form through interactive multimedia, motion graphics, and other venues. Grab some popcorn and check out some animation samples!

Digital Music Composition

I have always enjoyed composing and playing a wide range of music styles, and I have compiled hundreds of individual music tracks and loops, many which have been used in numerous video and multimedia projects I have worked on. Get some good headphones and groove to some electronic music selections!


I spent eight years of my career with the Toledo Zoo and produced an incredible range of solutions in design, web, interactive multimedia, photography, and video. Read my Toledo Zoo Case Study to get a thorough insight into this amazing experience.

Web / Interactive

I have been involved with interactive multimedia for most of my career, and I also have extensive experience in web design. Examine some visual samples for layout, color, etc.

Digital Video

I created dozens of videos for the Toledo Zoo, and I even have a few other video projects I can share. Watch more videos with YouTube access if needed.

Instructional Design

I have over twenty years experience as an instructor in higher education and my skills in visual communications have made it easy for me to develop multiple quality learning items for web, video, interactive multimedia, and print. View samples from multiple projects.

Product Design

I have experience designing multiple products and package designs. View samples from two separate projects.

Published Work

I have multiple pieces published in books, mostly illustrations. View samples from three separate projects.

Graphic Design

I have several design pieces in my portfolio. View over 40 multiple samples from various categories.

Art / Illustration

I create impactful visuals in both traditional art and in digital mediums. View samples of various pieces.

More on the way!

I will soon be expanding my portfolio page to include instructional design, photography, animation, and design processes. Please revisit to see even more samples!