Although my education, career, and portfolio fall more into the category of Visual Arts or Visual Communication, I also have a passion for composing digital music for use in video and multimedia content. The selections below were composed using GarageBand as the recording platform. In most projects I prefer to record my own percussions and melodies. I only use GarageBand’s loops sparingly while emphasizing multi-track construction, use of the automation controls, and extensive use of the smart control panels. These songs are from a personal collection I was compiling during 2020 and 2021. Since it is sort of spacey, my impromptu name for the entire collection is Lunar Vacay RPG Fantasies:

Angel Nebula

Chill electronic sound with a tropical getaway vibe

Devious Plan

A combo of classic rock and various lead synthesizers and other electronic sounds.

Inside the Triangles

Ethereal poly-synth layers, strings, and appregiators with a custom beat and leading harp

JockBot’s Jam

High-energy percussion layers with futuristic, ethereal pads and bells for dreamy effect.

Beatnix Lunar Lounge

A tribute to retro lounge music with a little synthesizer mixed in

Astronauts’ Obstacle Course

Fast-paced techno beats to blended synth melodies

Aurora Borealis

A contemplative mellow piece with pads and synthesizers

Lunar Capital Base

Upbeat bass rock organ + 808 with Reverbs + Synth for a strong sound

The Marketplace

A whimsical combo of cultural percussions, synth, pads, and chords

Martian Tablet Discovery

Kinda themed somewhere between scientific / technical and adventurous / majestic

Shwah Kwabua

Starts contemplative, amps up to fast-paced thrill sound with synth and thick beats


Dark, heavy techno rock with slow, hard percussions

The Ancients

Contemplative synth, reverb percussion, some metal infusion

The Cosmic Path

Slow meditative / therapeutic ensemble of strings, pads, and chimes