This is the longest page in my entire web site, but it covers eight years of my career so it’s definitely worth a glance!

My proud career with the Toledo Zoo from 2008 to 2016 was a time of significant responsibility and personal growth. My primary job description was to manage the zoo web site but over time my role expanded to include digital media, marketing strategy, web programming, and eCommerce. I had strong relationships with staff throughout the organization based on reliability, innovation, and a positive, supportive approach to addressing their needs.


Web Site

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My primary responsibility was to maintain the zoo web site. Over the years this involved use of the WordPress CMS, custom HTML and CSS for layout, graphic design within the zoo’s brand, photos, video, and web programming.

Click on the gallery buttons to see mock-up versions of the site with descriptive commentary in red text.


Web Banners

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Part of promotion through modern web is to utilize large images for impact. I designed several large web banners to promote the zoo in general and specific events. Most of these were for the home page but some were featured on single pages too.


Page Banners

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Individual web pages are also enhanced when capped off with a related banner. I developed several so in this gallery they are displayed in pairs.


Digital Video

For many years I was responsible for producing, editing, and deploying promotional videos for our web site and eventually our YouTube channel. I also created videos for on-grounds monitors and community speaking engagements.


Direction Maps

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Before the rise of Google Maps, most of us had to rely on printed maps during travel. The Toledo freeway system and roadways can be a bit challenging for visitors who are not used to them so I created PDF versions of direction maps with specific instructions on how to reach the zoo from all of the major Interstates surrounding our area. Analytics later showed that these maps were downloaded thousands of times per year.


Web Programming

As my responsibilities expanded into eCommerce I also took on the job of building fully functional reservation systems for various zoo events and programs. These not only allowed customers to register but also gave zoo staff back-end dashboard systems to review enrollment data in real time, view rosters, and make edits to registration entries.

Click here to test out a demo version of a detailed camp registration system I built using a combination of JavaScript and PHP / MySQL.


Email Campaigns

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I assembled the HTML templates for our annual Membership promotional e-mail campaigns. We used a different theme each year and recently switched to more of a page-based layout (previous years used a post card appearance).


Member email

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I assisted the zoo copy writers by assembling an HTML template for our weekly e-mail that was sent to over 50,000 member households. I also trained our writers how to update the files and prep them for distribution to the members and for posting online.

The first image is a typical full-page spread, the others are banners I designed for our headers.



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I was often in need of fresh photography for multiple projects and while we had some stock, it often became necessary for me to arrange for my own photos. I was fortunate to have access to a high-quality digital camera so I often made use of it for photos and videos of animals, events, zoo venues, etc.

This is just a sample, there are literally hundreds of photos in my overall collection.


Promotional Graphics

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I often needed to create appealing visuals to accompany various content for web, digital media, social media, and more. Each of the graphics was also designed to reflect the Zoo branding image. Each of these samples includes my own photography.


Aquarium Promotion

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When the Aquarium re-opened in 2015 we made sure it had ample promotion. Each of the graphics in this gallery were part of an automated slide show featured in the Aquarium web page. I took most of the photos in the set.


Levy web site

Sample of the Volunteer page

I designed additional web sites to inform voters about the Toledo Zoo levies. The image shown was from the 2015 campaign but I also made one for 2011.


Holiday Ecards

Each year I had the joy of designing our holiday greetings. Over the years they transitioned from a basic graphic, to Flash animation, and eventually to video.

This version was one of our most popular from 2010. It was originally launched as a Flash file but I have converted it to MP4 for this site.


Other Contributions

  • Programmed online registrar database

  • Interactive kiosks – Nature’s Neighborhood

  • Created a dynamic, print-ready certificate for Zoo Pal adoptions
  • Community appearances on behalf of the zoo
  • Volunteered for levy campaigns
  • Volunteered for Zoo events
  • Assisted IT with AV set up for various events, etc.
  • Managed all vendors for hosting/admin, PayPal, etc.
  • Frequent use of Google Analytics for tracking
  • Creation of fiscal reports for online sales
  • Employed thorough project management to meet critical deadlines, budgets, etc.
  • Coordinated annual announcements of summer concerts with concert vendor
  • Supported IT, Marketing, and several business operations