This is the longest page in my entire web site, but it covers eight years of my career so it’s definitely worth a glance!

My proud career with the Toledo Zoo from 2008 to 2016 was a time of significant responsibility and personal growth. My primary job description was to manage the zoo web site but over time my role expanded to include digital media, marketing strategy, web programming, and eCommerce. I had strong relationships with staff throughout the organization based on reliability, innovation, and a positive, supportive approach to addressing their needs.

Web Site

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My primary responsibility was to maintain the zoo web site. Over the years this involved use of the WordPress CMS, custom HTML and CSS for layout, graphic design within the zoo’s brand, photos, video, and web programming.

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Web Banners

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Part of promotion through modern web is to utilize large images for impact. I designed several large web banners to promote the zoo in general and specific events. Most of these were for the home page but some were featured on single pages too.