I have been an instructor in higher education since 1999. My skills in visual communication (Adobe CC) combined with my training in curriculum development, instructional techniques, education theory, business training, ADDIE, eLearning, and learning technology have helped me produce some great instructional design. I have had the great opportunity to develop learning materials for K-12 education, post secondary education at both public and private colleges, and business training materials for Fortune 500 companies and local companies.

Interactive multimedia

Modules for the VCT program at Bowling Green State University
The images below are screen shots from an online simulation describing the hexadecimal RGB color system, developed for the VCT 308 course at BGSU.


Interactive map instructional tool (graduate project, BGSU):


I can provide a live demo of the simulations pictured above on a Windows desktop if requested, along with many other engaging interactive multimedia presentations.

Loyola Health
The sample below is from a series of online lessons designed for Loyola Health while I was at Root Learning. Click on the image to launch the presentation in a separate window (requires Flash plug-in and sound / video content may not play due to the original module’s deprecated formats, etc. — content will not be compatible with mobile platforms). If you are able to view the Flash content on your desktop browser, additional samples may be viewed here.

Instructional Video

Bongo Brett Tutorial
This is a tutorial video to accompany a file made with Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate). My Flash students from Owens Community College can use the video as a descriptive narrative about the project while having access to the Flash file itself so they can open it, examine its components and code, and even make experimental modifications to the content.

Year-round Rose Care. Toledo Zoo Horticulture Department
I produced the video below for the Toledo Zoo Horticulture department with the goal of generating public interest in their gardening workshops by offering a free, thorough instructional video about year-round rose care. The video applies some common principles of instructional design by stating the overall lesson, introducing the SME by name and title, subdividing the content into distinct topics with introductions, and including specific visuals to enhance the narrative. A unique twist on this project was that since it involved tips for year-round care it required myself and the SME to coordinate multiple recording sessions throughout the year so we could present an authentic experience. As of May 2019 this video has had over 96,000 views on YouTube.


UX/UI (Information Architecture)

Toledo Zoo
As the sole web developer for the Toledo Zoo from 2008 to 2016 I had the ongoing responsibility of keeping the zoo’s web site current, accurate, easily accessible with user friendly (UX) design. In April of 2016 we launched a new WordPress web site with fully responsive web design and an emphasis on color coding and ample visuals to quickly guide web visitors to info and services needed. The screen shot below shows an example of the design with vibrant visuals, photos, and customized icons I developed. Site content was also driven by regular review of Google Analytics and section 508 compliance.

Honeybaked® Ham Training Site
Below is a screen shot of a sample page from an online food safety resource designed for Honeybaked Ham’s corporate training team in 2009. The screen shot shows another example of information architecture where the interface has multiple references to where the user is at within the entire collection of training information.

Training Materials in Print

New Directions Institute
The image below contains illustrations I created for materials distributed through a community program that concentrated on infant / child brain development.

Lamson & Sessions Training Manual
The image below contains diagrams (Adobe Illustrator) from a self-paced training packet I designed for plant employees at Lamson & Sessions, Bowling Green, Ohio. The packet gave employees a printable job aid to bring with them to the equipment they would train on. The diagrams were designed to be 100% authentic to to the details of the actual control panels, etc. on the plant machinery for best reference. A full version of the packet is available to review in print or as a PDF if needed.

Religion Chart, Collins College
The image below depicts a chronological chart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that I designed in Adobe Illustrator for a Geopolitical History course. I conducted research on the data then designed the layout and all visuals. Click on the image below to open the entire document as a PDF file.

3D Drawing
The image below is a section from a 3D drawing terminology chart that I designed for a course involving rapid concept development. Created exclusively in Adobe Illustrator.

Software Training
The image below is a section from a self-paced, step-by-step lesson packet (task sheet) that was part of an entire series I designed for a multimedia software training course. Click on the image below to open the entire document as a PDF file.

More Samples Available?

Absolutely! Beyond the samples featured on this page I can provide entire volumes of educational and training content for review.