I have had various pieces published throughout my career and each project was distinct in its purpose but still challenged me as a designer and illustrator in beneficial ways.

Trade Secrets

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I was commissioned many times by author and Ph.D, Dr. Billie Enz. I designed the covers and dozens of illustrations for both of her popular teacher reference books from the Trade Secrets series. I was also commissioned by Dr. Enz on other publications and programs tied to early childhood brain development. Many of the illustrations are hybrids of hand-drawn art shaded in Photoshop. This collection spans that entire series of projects with Dr. Enz but there are dozens more.

Book Illustrations

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New age author Keith Barnum commissioned me to create some narrative illustrations for his book Inner Coach – Outer Power. This was a rich project for me since Keith’s content was diverse, intriguing, and it easily lent itself to creative exploration with the visuals as symbolic.

Book Illustrations

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Author Michael Hunter approached me to create some vibrant illustrations for his children’s book B and Me. My goal was to create a look that fused realism with cartoon illustration in vibrant color.

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