I have extensive experience developing web sites and interactive multimedia. I have been fortunate to have great opportunities to develop these items for eLearning / instructional design, promotion, and entertainment. I have dozens of great samples to share.

Web animation

I developed this web animation prototype while being considered for a web-based position at Bowling Green State University in 2017. This web animation was developed with Adobe Animate using its HTML Canvas export features. I wanted to show a simple but direct interpretation of the brand BGSU had recently implemented.

Web / Interactive

Branded, responsive – Visit

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This collection contains visuals of previous designs. The first five samples include samples of web site design, and all others are samples of interfaces for interactive multimedia presentations. Content includes child’s learning game, corporate training for Fortune 500 companies, learning modules for Bowling Green State University instruction, and other assorted projects. Fully interactive demos can be shared if requested.

Interactive Multimedia

I have years of experience in designing, programming and teaching interactive multimedia using Adobe Flash and other resources. Since FlashPlayer is no longer supported by most current browsers, I can share various samples in video and/or graphic format. Images from many of these projects can be viewed in my Instructional Design samples.

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